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Welcome to 'Out Of The Box'

Out Of The Box is our new website magazine designed to highlight the innovative work being done within the container industry.Whether it be exciting building construction projects, or new innovations in construction and engineering, it will feature within this new site.

If you have news concerning a project or innovation within the industry, please contact the editor.

Building shipping container houses is a trend that has continued to grow over recent years and indeed they have developed something of a cult following. However they do come with…
These two videos from YouTube showcase a very nice home made oftwo 40' containers.
There is no limit to the customization available for your order. Whether you are looking for tailored colours, decoration, or additional security features.
Constructed using three (3) 40' Flex-Box containers, the spacious cabin was designed and constructed by 29 year old, engineer and entrepreneur, Joseph Dupuis. Joseph is involved in renewable energy research…
Designer, Builder, Tennant