Best Box, Best Price is not just a catchy tag line; it is a statement of fact for both our products and our services. It is also the core principle that Flex-Box has adhered to since our establishment in 1999.

  • We build the best shipping and storage containers.
  • We have the highest quality product, and make them available at the lowest possible price.

The Best Box

The Best Box
We Innovate

We are industry innovators, and hold many patents for box features like our EASY OPEN DOOR.

We Are Independent

We have our own R&D design team in Hong Kong, we can build anything.

We have our own INDEPENDENT quality control staff at all production in China.

We Never Compromise

All our units are built to Shipping Line / Lease Co standards with the best materials.

We never have, and never will, build a "low specification box".

We will not compromise on Paint thickness, ZINC levels, or material thickness. See the Seven Questions page for more details.

The Best Price

The Best Box
Location & Company Structure

Our Head Office is in Hong Kong, we are in daily contact with all manufacturers.

Flex-Box has an immediate split-decision making process.

No board or CFO to ask.

100% Self Financed

We are very 'cash strong', so we can pay cash when a good deal is available.

We buy volume, in excess of 45,000 annually (not TEU), volume.

This provides us with a low price.

We are offered special opportunities, not available in the general market, from manufactures.

The Flex-Box Service

Every order with Flex-Box, no matter the size, gets the same premium service, which includes:

  • The Best Box
    Comprehensive, independent quality control during production.
  • The Best Box
    Free delivery to your location.
  • The Best Box
    Simple pay on delivery arrangements.
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